Recruitment industry for Temporary and contract services will rise up to 18.3% by 2016 as compared to 2011 giving a total worth of £27.76bn. The future is, people from majority sectors will move towards flexible work style making way for the recruitment industry for temporary and contract to expand. The public sector recruiting permanent employees in the future looks very minimal which gives the opportunity for these industry to expand its business. It is believed that the future for any firms in this industry will be based on its good knowledge, Quality service and differentiation in their services.


The Industry looks very positive and is expected to grow every year for the next 5 Years making it to a total increase of 11% by 2016 as compared to 2011 bringing in a total value of £36 bn. The market sectors considered in IT Services is Outsourcing (Third Party Service provider).

The IT service industry in the UK is in its growing stage and there are many SME's in the market as compared to large companies, it has created a good composition for trend settings where a consortium of shared business, Acquisition and development in new technology is taking place.


Accounting industry will increase its market value by 21.4% by 2015 as compared to 2011 giving a total value of £27.25bn. The accounting industry looks very healthy in the UK as it plays an essential part in day to business; the industry also remained same over the years regardless of economic climate.